Principal’s Update Week 2 of Term 1

The last five days have been all go at PDHS!

This week our K/PP class enjoyed playing with the toy animals and puppets. Our Kindergarten students were introduced to syllables and really impressed Ms Amy with their understanding, while our PP students revised some letter sounds they learnt last year and had a go at making consonant-vowel-consonant words using the SATPIN board.

The PP and Year 1 Drama class played, ‘Yes Let’s’ in Drama with Mrs Brooks this week. Each student took the class on an adventure to a new location, where they explored a range of different characters and situations, made all the more fun with costumes galore!

Mrs Fuller’s Year 1 class have been focusing on handwriting this week and have really challenged themselves to do their best. In Art they made name insects for their garden wall and insects to go into their garden beds. In Maths they have been looking at ‘rainbow numbers’ and the students are getting very good at working with their ten frames.

This week the Year 2/3 students have consolidated their knowledge of states and territories in Australia whilst mapping in Geography. In Mathematics, they have begun to work towards achieving their Times Table Medallion and Mrs Barnsby was impressed by their willingness to improve their skills. Some amazing portraits were produced in Art by following instructions to sketch a face and the students really enjoyed having a go at this activity.

Our Year 4/5 class have been reading ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Roald Dahl and they can’t get enough of it. They created a ‘Wanted’ poster with a character description of Mr Fox – wanted for the heinous crime of stealing chickens. They also created a bouquet of flowers using vibrant colours with Mrs Cernotta to show how they are all unique and all play an important part in the class – ‘May the seeds you plant today be the flowers that bloom tomorrow’.

In has been a creative week in Mrs Schmidt’s class too. In Art, the Year 5/6 class studied portraiture. They examined a few portraits painted by Vincent Van Gough and then practised drawing portraits where the facial features were in proportion.

Our primary students were once again busy in Kitchen Garden with Mrs Guery. The Year 2/3 class enjoyed a nature scavenger hunt, exploring the school grounds and keeping a record of the different plants, animals and insects they came across. The Year 5/6 class took harvesting in their stride, collecting a massive selection of green apples and plums grown on our own school trees which the students will use in the kitchen next week.

Ms Foord’s Year 7 and Year 8 Science classes are exploring the chemical properties of water including cohesion. How many drops of water can you fit onto a coin? 46 was the winning number.

This week the Year 9/10 Visual Art students explored the history of the use of clay in 3D art and guided by Mrs Guery, explored a variety of clay techniques to make their own miniature figurines.

Our Year 9/10 Outdoor Education class carried out rescue drills at Big Brook today, including the practising how to rescue an unconscious patient. They will move on to CPR next week, so students are well prepared for water based canoeing activities later in the semester.
Mrs Guery’s Year 8-10 Food Technologies students got to explore how to work with dairy ingredients as they made a delicious Spanish Chorizo and Capsicum Frittata using our fantastic school eggs. They absolutely cooked up a storm, succeeding in luring Mr Hughes to the kitchen with the smell of their culinary creations wafting throughout the school.

Congratulations to our Primary Student Councillors for Term One: Indiana, Skye, Hannah, Ruby, Izaak and Kirra.

Congratulations also to our ‘Choose Respect’ Award winners: Jaie, Layla, Tyler and Ruby.

Finally, our Secondary students and teachers cast their votes this week and I am delighted to congratulate the following students who have been chosen as Secondary Student Councillors for 2022: Lee, Byron, Grace, Lachie, Elyssa, Killian and Ashlin. A very big congratulations to Killian and Ashlin, who I have absolute confidence will be outstanding School Captains this year.

Finally, just a reminder to parents/carers to please complete the ‘Consent to Third Party Services’ form that was emailed to you earlier this week. If you would prefer a paper-copy of the form, please contact the Front Office on 9776 5800 and we will send one home for you.
Have a lovely weekend,