Our staff are dedicated and collaborative professionals who embrace learning opportunities and enthusiastically engage in school improvement processes. Staff expertise and skills are maximised to provide a diverse curriculum to all students. To support the core learning areas and provide guidance for career pathways, Primary and Secondary students access specialist teachers in Design and Technology, Digital Technologies, Visual and Performing Arts, and Health and Physical Education.

Leadership Team

  • Principal: Lee Illingworth
  • Deputy Principal: Andrew Hughes
  • Deputy Principal: Suzi Franken
  • Manager Corporate Services: Leanne Clarke and Leanne Roche
  • Pastoral Care Coordinator: Vicki Barnsby
  • Targeted Intervention Coordinator: Michele Schmidt
  • Mental Health Coordinator: Dale Foord

Teachers and Education Assistants

  • Vicki Barnsby
  • Melissa Brooks
  • Rhys Brooks
  • Allexa Cernotta
  • Rrahim Cervoj
  • Amy Dowson
  • Dale Foord
  • Suzi Franken
  • Sue Fuller
  • Jamie-Louise Guery
  • Justine Little
  • Lisa Radomiljac
  • Michele Schmidt
  • Louise Tasker
  • Josie Thompson
  • Cassie Thoo
  • Monique Tysoe
  • Suzy Walker

Non-Teaching Staff

  • School Officers: Carri-Ann Ditri and Leanne Roche
  • Library Officer: Sandra Ashworth
  • Gardener: Dan Lister
  • Cleaner in Charge: Karena Wilson
  • Cleaner: Jane Bradley
  • Chaplain: Meryl Giumelli
  • Psychologist: James Dewing