Contributions & Charges

Every year the School Board approves the Contributions and Charges for the following 12 months. There are three components to the Contributions and Charges:

  • Contributions
    • Funds provided are used to supplement school expenditure to enhance learning opportunities for our students. While Contributions are voluntary, the quality of our teaching and learning program is supported and enabled when each family pays their contribution. 
  • Charges for Extra Cost Optional Components
    • We endeavour to provide a stimulating learning environment for all students.  We run several extension and enrichment programs targeted at specific interests and groups of students. Students will only incur costs when they participate in a particular activity. 
  • Items for Personal Use in the Educational Program
    • The charge for personal use items varies from student to student, and class to class.

PDHS is very open to negotiating a payment plan to help support you to pay your school Contributions and Charges. If this is required, please contact the Manager Corporate Services or the Principal.